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Aerials 4U have been involved in Satellite installations even before the launch of Sky TV in 1990, in fact, we had installed dishes onto the Hotbird Satellite for customers wanting to get news, music and foreign speaking channels.

  • Domestic & Commercial Satellite Services
  • Satellite Installations
  • Freesat
  • Sky & Sky Q

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Satellite TV Installations

The services we offer at Aerials 4U include:

  • Domestic and commercial satellite dish installations
  • Freesat satellite installations
  • Sky installations
  • Foreign language satellite, Arabic satellite installations, and Hotbird satellite installation
  • Special height installations for high-rise flats and office spaces
  • Multi-room installations for homes and commercial buildings

No matter what your needs are for a satellite dish installation, we can provide you with an excellent same-day satellite fitting service. Our local engineers are ready to visit your home or business, and our fast and efficient service means we can install your satellite dish, or fix your problem the same day you call us. If your business relies on satellite services to stay in operation, you can rely on us to fix any problem you have in the minimum amount of time.

As an independent satellite installation company, we work hard to make sure we provide the very best service to all our customers. From satellite dish installation, extra satellite points, satellite repairs, or multi-room installations, to Sky installations and Hotbird and foreign language satellite installation, our local engineers provide convenient same-day service.


Our independent satellite installation and repair teams are working in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire areas today to offer you a same-day solution to your satellite problem.

The Details

  • Sky Q Upgrades on dishes that Sky cant Access
  • Multi-Room Installations
  • Want to watch your Satellite Channels around your home?
  • Foreign Speaking channels or more specialist Channels
  • No Line of Sight specialist
  • Fibre Satellite installations Planning and Support
  • Commercial IRS Satellite installations

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Samples Of Our Satellite TV Installations

You’ll find below some samples of our recent work.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Service

A Satellite Dish can be used for a number of Live TV viewing options:

Sky +
Sky + is the most well-known service provided by Sky. It enables you to have 1 Satellite Dish and up to 8 Feeds connecting to multiple boxes. Each box requires at least 1 direct feed from the Satellite dish however, if you were looking to record multiple TV shows at the same time, you would require 2 direct feeds from the Satellite Dish.
Sky Q
This is Sky’s latest product that enables you to experience what they say is ‘Fluid Viewing’. With this new service only your Main Set Top Box required a direct feed to the Satellite Dish, meaning that further boxes within your TV system connect via your Home Wi-fi Network. This means less cabling, however, requires a strong Wi-fi connection to the Main Box and each ‘Mini Box’.
Freesat is just as it says, Free Satellite TV. The service requires the same Satellite System as Sky TV and a direct feed from the Satellite Dish to your Freesat Box.
European Satellite
‍With many satellites available, there are thousands of satellite TV channels to choose from, including a number of ‘free to air’ TV channels you can enjoy with no monthly fee or subscription. There are also several premium subscription television channels, and encrypted channels which require a decryption card to be unlocked. Your European satellite receiver will need a CAM for these channels.

Freesat uses the same dish and satellites as Sky, so if you already have a satellite dish and cabling, whether you are currently receiving satellite TV or not, in most cases you can simply connect your Freesat digital box or TV using your existing cabling – it’s that simple. All you will need is a Freesat Receiver and you’re good to go.

Good question! On every Satellite Dish there is an LNB. This is the piece of equipment that all of your cables will connect to that enable you to receive a Satellite Signal from any source. They come in either:

  • Single Output – Meaning only 1 cable can be connected at any one time.
  • Twin Output – This means 2 cables can be connected to the Dish, either both running to the same location to enable a recording facility, or running to two different locations to enable independent viewing on 2 TV’s within your property.
  • Quad Output – Meaning you are able to connect 4 cables to the Satellite Dish at any one time. Again these can each run to an independent TV connecting 4 TV’s within the house, or 2 cables can run to 2 different locations enabling a recording facility.
  • Octo Output – This LNB enables you to have 8 individual cables connected to the Satellite Dish all at the same time. We would usually advise that a Dish Upgrade is required when running 8 cables from the dish, to eliminate and ‘Rain Fade’ or signal interference.

The price for a Satellite Dish installation is going to vary dependent on:

  1. Where the Satellite Dish is situated – depending on the Line of Site your Dish may be able to be installed on a side wall at low level, however, if there are Trees / Building blocking a direct line of sight to the transmitting Satellite, the Dish may have to be located either on a chimney or a pole to provide more height.
  2. How many TV’s you are looking to connect to the Satellite Dish – 1 feed direct from the dish to your receiver will provide Satellite TV, however, to record programs you will require 2 direct feeds. This will apply to all TV’s that you are looking to connect up. Therefore, depending on this will determine the LNB (low-noise block downconverter) size that is required.
  3. The installation itself, access to the desired Dish location and cable routes will all determine the amount of Labour required to carry out the installation.

A new Satellite Dish installation can cost from £149.00 + dependent on the above points.

Our Work

We are registered with:

CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries)
Trust Mark
We carry full Working at Heights training, are CRB checked and carry the required level of both Public and Employers Liability (all available on request.)

Aerials 4U and its Engineers are fully checked, vetted, and fully qualified, our work is regularly checked also.

Great news, we offer at least a 12 Month Warranty on all installation or upgrades. Were necessary we are also able to offer a 24 month warranty so you know you’re always covered. All materials/equipment that we supply comes with its own 12 Month Manufactures Warranty, unless otherwise stated. *we are not able to offer coverage for an third party interference or weather damage.

Yes, we carry £2 Million public liability and £10 Million public liability to ensure that both you and us are covered. This is available to view upon request.

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