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We specialise in carrying out difficult (non-standard Sky) installations, either where achieving reception is beyond the skills of Sky’s own installation team, or where a very discreet dish installation is required. We can give a precise quotation for the installation, and are happy to give you a free survey to do so.

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Sky TV Installers

Sky TV From Aerials 4u

Sky satellite TV is hard to match in terms of both visual quality and the sheer number and variety of channels on offer. If you’re in the region of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire and you’d love to take advantage of the Sky satellite TV experience, Aerials 4U are here to help!

For Sky satellite and Sky Freesat installations, as well as satellite maintenance, alignment, and repair, we’re the ones to call. And for special heights, multi-room installations, and other complicated installations, you can rely on the skill and experience of our expert local engineers.

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The variety and quality of Sky TV programming makes it a popular choice for people who want to enjoy digital TV, with all the benefits of satellite as well. For both home and commercial installations, our skilled local engineers are ready to help you get a satellite system installed and operational quickly and efficiently.

The Details

  • Existing Sky Users
  • Sky Satellite Dish Repairs
  • Sky Q Upgrades
  • Sky Wide Band or Sky Hybrid Lnb’s
  • Sky Can’t access your Dish? Give us a call
  • Full Working at Heights qualiffied
  • Lost your TV around the home since your Sky Q Upgrade? We can Help you get it back
  • Want to watch Your Sky in HD all around your home? No Problem!!
  • Family Run Installation and Repair Company
  • Local -Trusted – Reliable

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Service

Sky + Sky + is the most well know service provided by Sky. It enables you to have 1 Satellite Dish and up to 8 Feeds connecting to multiple boxes. Each box requires at least 1 direct feed from the Satellite dish however, if you were looking to record multiple TV shows at the same time you would require 2 direct feeds from the Satellite Dish.

Sky Q This is Sky’s latest product that enables you to experience what they say is ‘Fluid Viewing’. With this new service only your Main Set Top Box required a direct feed to the Satellite Dish, meaning that further boxes within your TV system connect via your home Wi-fi Network. This means less cabling, however requires a strong Wi-fi connection to the Main Box and each ‘Mini Box’.

Freesat – Freesat is just as it says, Free Satellite TV. The service requires the same Satellite System as Sky TV and a direct feed from the Satellite Dish to your Freesat Box. European Satellite ‍with many satellites available, there are thousands of satellite TV channels to choose from, including a number of ‘free to air’ TV channels you can enjoy with no monthly fee or subscription. There are also several premium subscription television channels, and encrypted channels which require a decryption card to be unlocked. Your European satellite receiver will need a CAM for these channels.


There are many reasons you may be missing some TV channels, or some may have a poor reception, there are a few steps you can take before calling us to see if the problem can be resolved by yourselves.


  • Ensure the cables from your Satellite Dish are correctly connected to your Sky box, and are not loose or damaged.
  • Unsure your Satellite Dish is still pointing in the same direction (take a look at your neighbours) and that there is no physical damage.
  • Restart your Sky box, sometimes this does the trick after a hard reboot.
  • If none of the above have worked, contact one of our time and we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Firstly, you will need to contact Sky and upgrade your subscription. Sky Q requires a new Receiver and a new LNB to be installed on your Satellite Dish. Sometimes Sky will be unable to do this, which is where we can help.

Contact one of our team and we can arrange a visit to provide a quotation.

This will depend on the LNB that you have installed on your Satellite Dish:

  • Twin LNB – This means that you have two outputs from your Satellite Dish, these can either be connected to a Sky + receiver which means that you are able to watch one channel whilst recording another or you can connect 2 Standard Sky receivers in two different rooms.
  • Quad LNB – This means that you have four outputs from your satellite dish, these can either be connect to two Sky + receivers which means that you are able to watch one channel whilst recording another in two separate locations.
  • Octo LNB – This means that you have eight outputs from your Satellite Dish, this means that you can have up to 4 Sky + receivers in four different locations.

For more information, contact one of our team.

Our Work

We are registered with:

CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries)
Trust Mark
We carry full Working at Heights training, are CRB checked and carry the required level of both Public and Employers Liability (all available on request.)

Aerials 4U and its Engineers are fully checked, vetted, and fully qualified, our work is regularly checked also.

Great news, we offer at least a 12 Month Warranty on all installation or upgrades. Were necessary we are also able to offer a 24 month warranty so you know you’re always covered. All materials/equipment that we supply comes with its own 12 Month Manufactures Warranty, unless otherwise stated. *we are not able to offer coverage for an third party interference or weather damage.

Yes, we carry £2 Million public liability and £10 Million public liability to ensure that both you and us are covered. This is available to view upon request.

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